Privalia started an ambitious project to improve user experience in their e-commerce. Their focus was to offer every user the most interesting products according to their interests. In order to do that, they trusted Eurecat and CAPSiDE to implement Big Data on AWS for their e-commerce.

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About Privalia & Eurecat

Privalia is, without a doubt, a flagship in flash sales both in Europe and South America. Thanks to their constant obsession to provide the best products and services to their clients, they’ve also become the benchmark in the adoption of new technologies.

Eurecat is the Technological Center of Catalonia, an institution that binds both public and private initiatives in strategic verticals, especially focused on economics and IT to invigorate and innovate.  Also, it has one of the best Big Data teams in Europe, thanks to their knowledge and experience in cutting-edge projects.

Big Data on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The challenge: Big Data on AWS for an e-commerce

Privalia has been always a pioneer in e-commerce innovation. Now they’ve started this ambitious project to improve their user experience. At Privalia, they’re conscious of the importance of personalising communications and how offering every client the products they’re interested in is the key to provide the best user experience.

To do so, Privalia has designed a series of improvements that can only be addressed by handling and exploiting large amounts of data from different sources. Also, due to the dynamism of their business, all this data must be processed in real time. That is the only way to provide the proper response to all of their users.

 Big Data on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The Solution

Eurecat provided an innovative solution guaranteed by their knowledge and experience. To do that, they trusted CAPSiDE to design and deploy the complex infrastructure that this project required. The new infrastructure needed to be able to respond to the innovative solution designed by Eurecat. Based on Hadoop, Kafka, Spark and Pentaho, the new infrastructure had to be scalable due to Privalia’s constant growth.

CAPSiDE designed and deployed a Big Data on AWS infrastructure, that was able to guarantee the app’s scalability and the technology required compatibility. Also, the use of specific AWS services, like EMR (Elastic Map Reduce), simplified both the implementation and the scalability, without forgetting the later 24/7 operation.

After a fast deployment of the new infrastructure, now CAPSiDE operates the infrastructure in 24/7. Now Privalia can focus on their customer experience, with a performant and available infrastructure that is key to their business.

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