EL PUNT is a communications group part of Hermes Communications S.A. organisation and EL PUNT AVUI, the regional newspaper with most printing in Catalonia originated in Girona in 1979. Since November 2009, it also owns a 100% of AVUI journal, the main one in Catalan. They are also part of the group from the weekly newspaper PRESÈNCIA, the sports journal, El 9, the weekly classified ads Punt de Venda and commercial stores such as El Punt Habitatge, El Punt Motor and El Punt Decoració. Together, they publish more than 17.000 headlines every day in Catalonia.

EL PUNT group put their trust on CAPSiDE with the design, implementation, and permanent monitorization of its online services and content platform, supported by CAPSiDE’s System Administration to assist on the release of new projects, services, and web portal.

CAPSiDE’s consulting services have been key to make a scalable and secure design for the platform’s management software we developed ourselves. The honesty demonstrated through the years of teamwork give us confidence in their know-how.

Joan Sarola
System Director of EL PUNT

Thanks to CAPSiDE’s services, EL PUNT doubled its unique visits and now owns a scalable platform that allows them to grow efficiently, with no interruption to the rhythm of their business, therefore, allowing the inclusion in AVUI’s platform itself with the objective to triple actual visits in a year.

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