Welcome to the third episode of the podcast series “News in the Cloud”! In this show, we give you an overview of the latest Cloud news though our Tech Evangelist and official AWS trainer, Javi Moreno.

On this episode, we tell you the latest on the new AWS region in Milan, Amazon Transfer, S3, EBS Multi-Attach and Graviton2 technology, among other issues. You can find the whole episode in here. Stay tuned for what’s coming!

News on Amazon Web Services:

AWS’ new region in Milan has just been unveiled, being the sixth one available in the continent. Consisting of 3 Availability Zones, it will allow AWS users to reduce latencies result services in more than a region within Europe.

Amazon S3 is now accessible through FTP protocol! This expansion of the Amazon Transfer service will facilitate the migration and safe execution of workloads on AWS, and will simplify task management for many users.

AWS EC2 instances now have a more modern hardware: generation 6 machines with ARM technology. Its new CPUs are less energy-consuming and have a wide variety of machine sizes for very affordable prices. Go check it out!

From now on, those clients who want to go for EC2 instance reservations or Saving Plans will benefit from lower prices, reaching almost 70% of the instance original price. Don’t hesitate to check out the one-year reservations or Saving Plans to take advantage of these annual price drops!

Amazon Simple Email Service is the easiest and most cost-effective way to send emails at a larger scale. Recently, AWS has enhanced its security and compliance features on Amazon SES. For example, by creating offline networks and enabling endpoints.

Yes! Up until recently, AWS Control Tower had certain limitations when organizing specialized accounts through the Organization service. Now, this problematic can be solved.

Provisioned IOPS (io1) EBs drives can now connect to more than one machine simultaneously in the same Availability Zone. This new feature is only available for these high-performance drives, but it opens up the possibility of very useful use cases for users.

If you want to know more about it, we encourage you to listen to the whole episode.

And don’t hesitate to reach us via email for any suggestions or issues you want to know more about! We’re all ears.

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