We are releasing the fourth episode of the podcast series “News in the Cloud”!

This specialized podcast offers you little bits of what’s new in the Cloud world. And, as usual, these news are brought to you by Javi Moreno: Tech Evangelist at CAPSiDE | NTT and AWS Official Instructor.

In this episode we summarize the features of AWS EKS and Fargate, their advantages together and how you can use them to better manage your Cloud infrastructure. Are you ready?

Amazon Web Services: AWS EKS

We start talking about the architecture of EKS, or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service: a very important tool that facilitates cluster management in the Cloud. EKS self-management reduces the chance of losing nodes in case anything fails. In addition, it’s AWS who does the necessary resizing and patching so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

WIth EKS, creating managed nodes is also very easy… And in groups! Node groups are based on an AWS-managed AMI maintained where necessary patches are added automatically. This greatly simplifies the life cycle of existing nodes in order to update and replace them… and just with one click!

Amazon Web Services: Fargate and its connection with EKS

This episode of “News in the Cloud” also goes into detail about what’s new in Amazon Fargate: a serverless container computing service that helps increase infrastructure efficiency. Recently, AWS has linked this service with EKS!

Fargate offers pod granularity, allowing the EKS service to generate fully managed micro virtual machines to run the containers that bring the pod replicas to life. That way, you can focus on the capacity of container groups and forget about virtual machines. However, these two services still have their limitations. For example, that DaemonSets (which ensure that nodes run a copy of a pod in particular) are not yet supported.

If you want to know more about these two services of Amazon Web Services, we encourage you to listen to the whole episode of “News in the Cloud”. You can check it out on the following link.

We hope you’re enjoying our AWS podcast series so far! Oh, and don’t hesitate to reach us out via email for any suggestion you want to send our way.

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