Recently we have seen how containers are becoming an essential tool for application development. And, among all the options, Kubernetes is the leader.

Kubernetes is an Open Source platform for the construction, operation and management of distributed systems. This platform allows to automate and deploy applications on containers, optimising and scaling resources on demand. In other words, a fundamental tool for microservices orchestration.

Everyone is talking about Kubernetes but, do you use it in your day-to-day? This year, we are releasing new trainings for our calendar. And, among them, we couldn’t miss a training on container management and operation. We’re talking about the new Practical Kubernetes on Public Cloud training, which has several seats available for its next edition… Do you want to simplify your DevOps practices and make the most of them? Keep reading!

Practical Kubernetes on Public Cloud - CAPSiDE

What to find on the training Practical Kubernetes on Public Cloud

The Practical Kubernetes on Public Cloud training is made for those who seek to gain practical knowledge on containers and orchestration. With a global approach, this Kubernetes training shows you the platform options on different public Cloud providers. Among other things, you will also learn how to set up the architecture of a Kubernetes cluster. In addition, you will get to apply what you have learned both in development and production.

The training will address topics as:

Apart from the theory lessons, during this 4-day training you will be performing guided hands-on labs. That way, you will get to practice and discuss with the trainer what you learn throughout the way.

For the moment, the first official date for this training is next February 25th in Barcelona (get your spot here). And, just like any CAPSiDE training, you can also request it for yourself and your co-workers if you are a bigger group.

Also, if you want to improve your resume with the basics of other technologies, don’t forget to visit the CAPSiDE training page. There, you will find other trainings available and their respective details. And if you have any questions about training courses, do not hesitate to write us. See you at Practical Kubernetes on Public Cloud!

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