For a SaaS solutions company, the key is to ensure the best service for their clients. To do so, it is necessary to provide a highly available infrastructure for the SaaS solution. Nektria knew this and looked for high availability on Azure.

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Nektria, high availability on Azure - CAPSiDE

About Nektria

Nektria is a Barcelona based start-up that since its foundation in 2012 has been disrupting urban mobility. Their products focus on developing SaaS solutions to optimise fleet management, cost-effective delivery, dynamic pricing and increase customer satisfaction.

The company has developed an application that, with Machine Learning technology, helps companies in the logistics of delivering their products. Nektria’s SaaS solution is being used more and more by many great companies and, to be able to respond to such growth, they needed to take a step further with their infrastructure.

To comply with the demands of one of their clients, the new infrastructure had to be deployed on a public Cloud platform with great strength in Machine Learning.

Nektria, high availability on Azure - CAPSiDE

The Challenge: high availability on Azure

Nektria wanted to ensure the best service for their clients. The fast and unexpected growth highlighted the need for a highly available infrastructure. Also, it was key to the startup to improve the deployment process, so they could enhance their time-to-market.

The startup, who recently had an investment round of 2 million euros, was looking for a company with a clear proposition and long expertise in Cloud infrastructures. CAPSiDE was their partner of choice due to the knowledge of the team and its competitive SLAs.

Nektria, high availability on Azure - CAPSiDE

The Solution

CAPSiDE designed and deployed a new infrastructure on Azure to underpin the service for Nektria’s new key client.

The new infrastructure was designed to support Docker and some key components include Azure Load Balancer, Azure Availability Sets and Azure Redis to ensure high availability on Microsoft Azure.  The infrastructure also includes Azure Container Registry to maintain Docker images that are deployed through ENZiME, CAPSiDE’s Cloud Automation Tool.

Nektria’s new Azure infrastructure for this project provides a stable platform that is always available. The new infrastructure allows Nektria to improve their performance and flexibility. It also allows a better time-to-market and a continuous deployment workflow.

Having CAPSiDE as their Cloud-companion gives Nektria peace of mind. Now the startup focuses on their growth while CAPSiDE takes care of their infrastructure. The new infrastructure has marked a milestone in the development of Nektria. The infrastructure smoothly supports the application, providing their with a 24×7 service. Also, thanks to ENZiME, developers can constantly improve the application by making continuous deployments and canary testing.

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