Having a stable platform for your WordPress on AWS may not be an easy task. That’s why Meteomuntaya.cat worried about losing its business-critical platform and trusted CAPSiDE to design and deploy their infrastructure.

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About Meteomuntanya.cat

Meteomuntanya.cat is a project developed and managed by the Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya (SMC) and the Federació d’Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya (FEEC). It focuses on helping those who like to practice outdoor activities in the mountains.

The target of this web application is to provide access to the weather information and adapt it to the requirements that both outdoors professionals and amateurs have. With this application they can raise awareness about weather dangers, ensuring everyone’s security.

Wordpress on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The Challenge: WordPress on AWS

Each week, thousands of outdoors aficionados need to know first-hand the weather conditions they’ll find when going into the mountains. Meteomuntanya.cat required a highly-available and flexible infrastructure to provide this information to the users without a service failure.

The project included a WordPress platform that couldn’t lose speed with the predicted growth. Also, due to the huge seasonal nature and the complexity of weather science, the project required a cloud platform. In addition, Meteomuntanya.cat doesn’t only inform about weather conditions but also provides specific information about outdoors training.

Meteomuntanya considered CAPSiDE as a suitable journey companion. As CAPSiDE specialises in design, automation and operation of critical digital platforms, the project was a match made in heaven for both companies.

Wordpress on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The Solution

CAPSiDE designed a cloud-based platform to deploy the WordPress. Being a cloud platform, it could easily support both the website and the weather information.

After evaluating other vendors, CAPSiDE decided to deploy WordPress on AWS, using an EC2 instance with LAMP. With AWS, Meteomuntanya.cat will be able to leverage the scalability of the platform.  Also, AWS wasn’t something new to Meteomuntanya, as part of their infrastructure is already deployed on AWS.

Now, Meteomuntanya knows that, even though visits may rise and there can be some peak loads, the infrastructure of their web application will be able to adapt to demand without service downtime. In addition, they will only be paying for the resources they need.

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