Koobin is a software developing company focused on ticketing management solutions for cultural and sports events. Thanks to CAPSiDE, they’ve migrated their Ticketing SaaS platform to Amazon Web Services, and they’re sharing their experience in this video.

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Success Story: Ticketing Saas on AWS

Koobin is a technological partner for their clients, providing the tools & services that enable them to manage all their events so they can sell them through their own channels. To beat challenges like managing international events and events with high demand peaks, they had to look for a partner that was able to help them manage an infrastructure capable of delivering the required quality of service.

“All our clients have a public activity, so their brands’ critical reputation is exposed. They risk a lot betting on us. We must be able to offer a proper service level and guarantees that help them to keep their reputation.”

Fernando Martín, Marketing Manager @ Koobin

The migration of their Ticketing SaaS platform to the AWS cloud allowed them to improve the performance and agility of Koobin’s business. Using an elastic and autoscaling architecture, Koobin’s platform can properly respond to high demand and load peaks.

CAPSiDE helped removing scalability and performance problems present in the previous Ticketing SaaS platform with the cloud migration. Now Koobin can focus with peace-of-mind in their business, in the development and updating of their application, and in improving the quality of service Koobin delivers to their clients.

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