Josep Ruano, CEO at CAPSiDE, participated last November in a round table at ESADE. This was the final act of the exchange week for the MSc in Positive Organizational Development of the Case Western Reserve University. During the week, the students were able to practice in first hand “appreciative interviews”, which help them wide their vision about the projects of diverse companies.

ESADE and Inspiring Partners organised the round table, which gathered multiple C-level Managers from assorted Spanish companies. They shared their experience about what they have learned leading the change in their businesses. The students were able to comprehend how they managed to change and finally share their impressions with the managers.

The guests who shared table were Josep Ruano, Camil Lozano, Managing Director in Triomf, Iheb Nafaa, CEO in Gescobro, David Payeras, VP of Human Resources in Grífols and Josep Escaich, former CEO in Bioibérica.

About Josep Ruano and CAPSiDE’s participation

Ruano teaches cloud technologies & business in ESADE, where he participates as professor of Digital Transformation in the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM). This master instructs how to manage a company from its inception to future professionals, while they remain immersed in an international environment. Financial Times has valued the CEMS MIM as the fourth best of the world in its category.

Besides, Ruano has a broad teaching trajectory, giving classes on software engineering, software security and cloud adoption. Additionally, his business career allows him to provide a valuable insight to the CEMS MIM. His more than 20 years of experience in IT are an asset for both CAPSiDE and ESADE.

In CAPSiDE we have been taking the lead in change and digital transformation, thanks to Josep Ruano’s vision. One of the keys to our leadership is that we invest the 10% of our revenue in training for our employees among different IT fields. This is our way to keep our competitiveness and keep being a transformation reference.

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