Holaluz is a young Spanish company, the first online commercial electricity company in the Spanish Market.  The company, that has been operating for more than 6 years, was about to get peak loads with more than 6.000 simultaneous requests on their website, key in their business strategy.

After a migration to AWS Cloud and a successful TV ad campaign on prime time, now their infrastructure runs smoothly, with 24/7 monitoring and keeping their platform 100% available and scalable.

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About Holaluz

Holaluz is a company with strong projection, constantly enlarging their service catalogue. Among their services, they provide electricity and recently started providing gas. That’s why, a few months ago, Holaluz started looking for a partner that could help them with their growth strategy.

While looking for a partner that could guarantee the correct scalability and availability of their systems, Holaluz trusted CAPSiDE due to their experience and specialisation.

The Challenge: supporting peak loads

With a front office and back office platform hosted in traditional infrastructures, Holaluz wasn’t able to guarantee a correct response for their future clients. The Spanish company bases its business model in online customers and their upcoming TV Ad campaigns foresaw a substantial growth with peak loads.

Their traditional & static infrastructure wasn’t able to support that kind of growth, so they needed someone able to design a new infrastructure capable of absorbing these simultaneous requests. The new infrastructure needed to be designed from scratch and it was necessary to choose the infrastructure that provided the more scalability and flexibility possible.

Holaluz: handling peak loads on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The Solution

CAPSiDE studied in depth Holaluz requirements and proposed a new architecture design based on availability and scalability with Amazon Web Services. With time limited by the TV ad campaign that Holaluz was launching soon, CAPSiDE deployed the new infrastructure and also provided the support necessary when both application and data were migrated.

Once the apps were deployed and tested in the new infrastructure, the new challenge was to check if the platform will be able to support the first ad campaign, running in prime-time in the main Spanish TV channels. To ensure that everything run perfectly during the campaign, CAPSiDE provided Holaluz with the Critical Event Management Service (CEM). Thanks to CEM, Holaluz was ready to face the campaign, with dedicated 24/7 support to ensure a minimal response time in case of incidents.

The ad campaign was launched, having more than 3.3 million viewers in a week, doubling the daily new customer rate and multiplying 10 times the usual number of chat requests. The platform overcame the event with success, keeping the service quality for all users and without a single point of failure.

This campaign was key in the success of our growth and translated into peak loads of 6.000 simultaneous requests. Our old infrastructure would not have supported these peak loads, losing thousands of potential new customers. CAPSiDE made it on time, and we haven’t worried about our availability since.

Joakim Vivas, CTO at Holaluz

Nowadays, Holaluz keeps trusting CAPSiDE, that operates 24/7 their platform. Holaluz keeps providing service to their users and future clients knowing safely that their platform can scale and provide service even with peak loads and exceptional conditions.

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