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“Hello World”! Hi? You there?

Yes? Cool! Are you ready to learn a lot and have fun helping CAPSiDE to keep rocking on?

Maybe you still don’t know us, but CAPSiDE keeps growing and expanding in many ways, and so is each and every one of our departments.

Who are we?

At CAPSiDE we design, automate and manage IT systems architectures for relevant companies with business-critical systems, and we also develop cool & useful cloud automation tools and products.

Are you reading this and feeling shocked because you still don’t know what our company is about? Don’t worry, we are not looking for a senior tech marketing profile (though it’d be awesome that you have a technical copywriting background!), we are looking for someone eager to learn a lot, with a sparkling vivid brain and a lot of team attitude to get things done.

Check all our other open positions, our corporate blog, our tech-focused labs blog, the events that we organise and our Twitter account if you want to know more about what we do.

Who are you?

We’re looking for someone with a rare but precious combination of great writing ability and strong curiosity in knowing and understanding lots of Cloud and Systems Engineering-related technologies.

Hey! Don’t be scared. This job is a great fit for a variety of backgrounds. You might be a Computer Science graduate who doesn’t want to write code or to operate systems any longer, or you might come from journalism but eager to know what a “Systems Engineering company” does.
Or you might have a completely different background. We’re open minded.

If you are passionate about technology and how things work, pitch us a brief email that makes us want to meet up with you for a coffee.

The Role

CAPSiDE’s growing Marketing Department is seeking for an individual who will assist in the implementation of its marketing efforts (both online and offline) such as: events organisation from scratch, online campaigns (AdWords, Twitter, e-mail, etc.) and other offline marketing actions that we cannot still tell you about.

What we’d like you to have…

The perks

Is that you?

If you think you can be our new teammate write to [email protected].
Tell us about you, your skills, your passions and background.

We are waiting for you!

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