Hey, Cloud technologies newbie! Would you like to enter the world of Microsoft Azure at your own pace? Are you looking for specialised training from Cloud professionals themselves? Perhaps gaining knowledge to improve your resume? If that’s the case, this is the right place for you.

After the launch of our series of AWS webinars, CAPSiDE is releasing a new edition of on-demand videos. This time, they will be about Microsoft’s products in the Cloud. This is “Hello, Azure!“!

What to find on the webinar series: Hello, Azure!

Hello, Azure! is a series of introductory webinars to Microsoft Azure for you to consume on-demand. When you register, you will receive a video with introductions to different Azure products every two weeks. Besides, you can watch them anytime and anywhere. That way, you will be able to learn and review the contents whenever you need it.

During the series you will get to know our expert trainers: Mario Arienza, Tech Evangelist at CAPSiDE and Alex Moore, Director of Technology at CAPSiDE. Mario has been working on IT for more than 15 years, and has experience in networks, systems architecture, programming and statistics. On the other hand, Alex is specialised in large business platforms in the Cloud, software delivery and IT architecture. In addition, he has been working in the technology sector for more than 20 years. With them, you will learn the basics of Azure and you will understand how to put your expertise into practice.

Attention! Please notice two of the three webinars are in Spanish. Keep that in mind before registering!

Hello, Azure! - CAPSiDE

The Hello, Azure! series consists of three episodes:

  1. Azure 101: On this first video you will discover the basics of Azure with a complete introduction by Alex Moore. Along with our business platform expert, you will learn how to take your first steps into Microsoft Azure, and you will get to know their basic products. The content is in English with Spanish subtitles.
  2. Introduction to Kubernetes on AKS: Azure AKS is a fully managed service that allows you to implement and operate containerised applications in an easy and quickly way. On this second episode, Mario Arienza will teach you now to use Azure AKS on your own projects. And you don’t need to have any previous knowledge on container orchestration!
  3. API Graph and Cosmos DB: On this final episode, Mario will talk about API Graph: Cosmos DB’s API for graphs and one of the five APIs it provides. Throughout the session, a series of scenarios where you can use graph databases will be exposed. Learn more about Cosmos DB and its different data models on Azure!

Does this sound good to you? If you want to register on our Spanish spoken webinar series Hello, Azure!, fill up the form you will find on this link. Don’t hesitate to write us if you have any doubts or questions on the content. And if you have seen any of our webinars and you would want to deepen in other fields of knowledge, check out our calendar of courses. There you will find our scheduled on-site trainings we offer publicly.

Do not miss the opportunity to get you started in Microsoft Azure your way. Sign up to Hello, Azure! now!

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