When your application gets millions of unique visitors, handling peak loads during special events, you require an architecture that guarantees both availability and scalability to respond to all your users. A cloud migration is a good choice to take advantage of the public cloud benefits and fulfil scalability and availability requirements.

The team behind the website of the journal Sport, which belongs to Grupo Zeta, proposed a redesign of their service platform. In this transformation project, they trusted CAPSiDE for the design and implementation of a cloud migration.

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About Grupo Zeta & Sport

Grupo Zeta is a Spanish media and communication group, founded in 1976 and with headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid. Sport is a national sports newspaper from Grupo Zeta, available both online and on paper.

Sport offers a wide coverage of information in the sports field. With 1.120.000 daily readers in both platforms, it has become one of the most read Spanish sports newspaper. Nowadays, Sport receives more than 24 million visitors every month in its online version, with peak loads of requests especially whenever there are high-level sporting events like a Madrid – Barça match.

a cloud migration

The challenge: a cloud migration

To benefit from the elasticity of cloud computing and be able to absorb all the peak loads produced in some events, the Technology department of Grupo Zeta required a cloud migration from its previous provider. They took advantage of the changing infrastructure to deploy a brand-new version of Agile Content’s publishing system .

Not only having to be highly-available and scalable, the new infrastructure had to support the new version of the publishing system while being up and running without affecting the users. In order to do that, it was necessary to test the new version of the publishing system in an environment with the same infrastructure design.


a CLoud Migration

The solution

CAPSiDE deployed a new infrastructure on Amazon Web Services,  able to autoscale when necessary. This new infrastructure was designed following AWS best practices and recommendations, and also CAPSiDE’s long experience in similar projects.  CAPSiDE ran some functional and load tests to ensure the proper operation of the platform before the deployment.

While deploying the new infrastructure, CAPSiDE provided the Technology Department of Grupo Zeta with its CEM (Critical Event Management service), ensuring dedicated support to solve any incident.  Since the platform was up & running, CAPSiDE has been operating it 24/7, ensuring its availability, security and performance.

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