The Client

We appreciate CAPSiDE’s ability to understand our needs and our capabilities, providing effective solutions with criteria. The professionalism when communicating with CAPSiDE and the involvement of its team has been excellent.

Miquel Mora
CIO & shareholder of Grupo Ya Encontré

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The Challenge


What CAPSiDE did:

CAPSiDE team are excellent professionals. Counting on them in any project, is being sure about having guaranteed quality and the optimal solution in every issue. It has been, and still is a pleasure to work with them.

Xavier Puig
SysAdmin at Grupo


  • Become mostly’s systems department for its business-critical services.
  • Both physical and logical improvements in the architecture that provide better stability and control.
  • Professional support and systems administration services that ensure the highest availability on the services that support the business.
  • Design a new platform which is able to grow based on the real needs of the business.
  • Continuous monitoring and management to ensure optimum performance and avoid incidents.
  • CAPSiDE’s services transparency, documentation and standardization procedures.
  • Better SLA.
  • 24×7 alerts management by senior engineers in less than 10 minutes.
  • Bigger and better knowledge of its infrastructure.

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