The birth of Gameband has marked a turning point amongst all smartbands. The new device has revolutionised the gamer experience, thanks to Gameband + Minecraft™, making easier for Minecraft™ fans to play their game’s worlds anywhere.

This device, developed by Now Computing, was made to be comfortable and easy to use, but also cool, appealing and with more value to their customers.

To create the required infrastructure that took all of Now Computing’s concerns into account, CAPSiDE implemented a platform with constant availability, opportune scalability and optimal performance.

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Check out how game players around the world are enjoying Minecraft with Gameband srmartbands and the services provided by CAPSiDE

Gameband, the client

Minecraft™ is a game of exploration, survival and creativity that has a passionate group of fans that range from little kids through adults. The Gameband device houses software that allows players to access, play and customise, in any computer, their Minecraft™’s Worlds.

With Gameband, they’re also protecting their game progress, as they can backup, not only in the device but also on the cloud, their latest advances, and in case there’s any accident, users are able to use the cloud backup and continue playing.

The challenge

The popularity of Minecraft™ and growing recognition of Gameband requires a network that can absorb visits while ensuring availability.

As Gameband was already an expert in cloud services, a vital component was updating and integrating Gameband onto a fresh platform. The previous system lacked the stability to support possible peaks on their servers, and with a looming campaign launch during the holiday season, it was mandatory to provide Gameband with autoscaling servers.

Also, when considering the application of the bracelet itself, there was fear of multiple threats. As gaming is often common in the free periods of schedules, the game platform and its ability to access previous backups is critical.

In such an environment, when a problem occurs and data is lost or sluggish, customers turn highly negative in –virtual and verbal- evaluations and it can cost the company significantly.

Gameband needed a platform that could boast of constant availability, opportune scalability to match real-time demand, and optimal performance of all involved networks.

Check out how game players around the world are enjoying Minecraft with Gameband srmartbands and the services provided by CAPSiDE

The Solution

No stranger to the benefits of cloud services, Now Computing had previously employed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their platform. After consultations with the vendor-neutral CAPSiDE dedicated to finding the appropriate and optimal infrastructure provider, AWS remained the best method to house their Gameband infrastructure.

The security of user data is really important, as 30% of Minecraft users are under-aged persons. The AWS-based infraestructure designed by CAPSiDE provides the security and reliability our platform requires.

John Doe – CEO @Gameband

Each user backs up the data for their Minecraft™ World in an AWS “Simple Storage System” bucket so it is painless to store and retrieve. CAPSiDE utilised AWS to construct, engineer and stabilise the infrastructure supporting the website platform and application. The infrastructure services provided by AWS and systematised by CAPSiDE complement and enhance the performance of Gameband.

The CAPSiDE engineering team migrated the data stored on their previous servers to a new platform created from scratch. As the company grows to multiple countries and offers an identical data backup service, the physical server locations will develop in unison and the platform must accommodate this. From there, the system’s architecture and engineering remained managed by CAPSiDE to ensure quality on a 24/7 basis.

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