Globalisation and the rise of e-commerce have allowed new marketing campaigns to be incorporated into the  consumer market. This requires both physical and online stores to adapt themselves to these new campaigns. Therefore, it is important to have your e-commerce ready for Black Friday or similar dates.

Black Friday is an American event that is becoming more and more popular in Spain and the UK. On the last Friday of November, shops provide interesting discounts to their clients. Since it’s very close to Christmas Day, customers take this opportunity to purchase their gifts ahead. In the last few years, Black Friday has settled down in Spain and the UK, offering limited special prizes in both physical and online stores. Added to this is Cyber Monday, a sales day on technology products. Cyber Monday takes place the Monday right after Black Friday and it’s an exclusive e-commerce event.

Taking advantage of the discounts during both occasions, many Spanish and British consumers buy their Christmas presents on these dates as well. That is why, since they were incorporated to the calendar, both events have been a huge success. Due to the sales boost around this time of the year, you must ensure that your e-commerce is always available. Keep in mind that, if customers can’t access your website on that period, many transactions can be lost, which imply losses for your business.

E-commerce ready for Black Friday - CAPSiDE

How to have your E-Commerce ready for Black Friday

If you want to take full advantage of your e-commerce on Black Friday, you will need to follow a web portal optimisation strategy.

To start off, let’s look at the first thing a customer sees on an e-business: the website and its structure. Is it accessible and easy to browse on? Does its links redirect without any problems? If you want your visitors to scroll correctly through your portal, you must primarily ensure a good user experience. For example, verify that all the products are easy to find and are well described, especially the most wanted ones. You should also review that the dropdown menus take the user to their destination and are well categorised. Additionally, verify that there’s a correct access to the payment platform during purchases. Think that, in such brief campaigns, availability can make a big difference in your sales!

E-commerce ready for Black Friday - CAPSiDE

Something else to go over is that the temporary structural changes are well configured. For example, banners or buttons with limited offers on certain items. On the other side, confirm that the products on discount have the correct deduction applied during the buying process. Bear in mind that, the easier it is for the customer to buy from your business on Black Friday, the easier it will be for them to come back throughout the year!

When the day with the highest volume of visits comes, you must confirm your portal can respond to that demand. In such high activity days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, your infrastructure should be able to handle multiple requests during a short time. To do so, counting on a platform that can amplify its capacity is fundamental. In other words, a scalable platform. That way, it will be capable of fulfilling the needs of the moment and go back to normal when necessary. That will give you the stability you need when visits increase, allowing your customers to easily access your website and finish their purchases on time.

Lastly, a good way to ensure complete tranquillity during Black Friday is through a Critical Event Management service. With this solution, Cloud experts will analyse the needs and activity of your web portal. Thus, helping you manage large volumes of requests in specific periods. Likewise, a Cloud engineer will be at your disposal to act in seconds if your systems collapse. By doing so, you can make your Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaign a success without affecting the service you’re offering.

E-commerce ready for Black Friday - CAPSiDE

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent an opportunity for businesses to extend their sales at the end of the year. An opportunity your E-Commerce can’t miss either. That is why, if you want your visitors to take your offers by storm, you should align your business needs (economic benefit) with the consumers’ needs (finding the best bargains) into an optimisation strategy. Once your plan is all set, ask yourself… Is your e-commerce ready for Black Friday?

If you have any questions on how to update your infrastructure on how to optimise it during those dates, our Cloud architects team can help you. Don’t hesitate to write us for any doubts may have.

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