Dedicated to equipping athletes, Deporvillage brings its customers the best eCommerce experience for all their gearing-up needs.

In order to maximise the security and scalability required to maintain an online company, Deporvillage employed CAPSiDE to design an infrastructure using Amazon Web Services. With the new system operation, Deporvillage forgot platform worries and focused the company’s growth.

The migration was quick and smooth, and we’re already seeing improvements in our eCommerce performance

Xavier Pladellorens — CEO & Cofounder at Deporvillage.

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About Deporvillage

Born in Barcelona in 2010, it is an eCommerce platform focused on sports equipment. Nowadays, it features more than 30.000 equipment items for cycling, running and outdoor, and has a presence in four European countries.

Deporvillage is focused only on e-commerce, without a physical store, all interactions with customers are done on a virtual basis. During 5 years, it has managed to have an outstanding customer service thanks to its continuous innovation.


Deporvillage - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The challenge

Before engaging CAPSiDE to redesign the infrastructure, Deporvillage housed all servers in on-site locations. The dangers of on-site servers range from physical damage and server errors to power failures and a temporary inability to function. To avoid these concerns, Deporvillage required a solution based in the cloud.

Another major necessity was adaptability and scalability for their platform. Their business has grown immensely from their 2010 founding and continues on the same trajectory. With such high forecasted growth, the ability for the infrastructure to expand in unison was vital.

Without a solid platform to support the market’s expansion of the e-commerce site, it might have turned into a negative venture. The combination of security and adaptability proved essential to the eCommerce, leading them to CAPSiDE to find the best solution.

The solution

CAPSiDE migrated all sensible data and the servers with the key applications to the cloud on Amazon Web Services. This migration, that just started, will increase availability and scalability for the e-commerce platform.

The use of AWS and the possibilities it brings to Deporvillage thanks to its autoscaling services and the use of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud are the key for the company’s next steps. They will be now able to use their eCommerce platform in different countries, thanks to Amazon’s regions and availability zones, to achieve their goal of selling in all European countries.

Additionally, CAPSiDE will be with Deporvillage in every step of their growth, maintaining their servers 24/7 to ensure the smooth running of the platform.

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