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Next week I will be at the Amazon re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.
It has been a while since I have been to the US and I’m very excited that CAPSiDE appointed José Luis Martinez (our CTO) and me to be at this great event.

There are a lot of very interesting conferences and choosing the right agenda is not that easy. So, while José Luis will follow some very interesting technical Boot Camps, I will focus on getting a deeper understanding on how AWS can impact the Enterprise IT Infrastructure and also empower my skills on architecting for AWS.

November 28th

After the 27th presentations and bootcamps I will start on Wednesday with the “ENT103: Making the Case for Cloud” to see the AWS evangelist Jinesh Varia explaining how to create the right technical and business policies for adopting the cloud.

Then, I will certainly attend “ENT205: Drinking our own Champagne:’s Adoption of AWS”. It is very important to understand how is seen as just another business which runs its e-commerce services on AWS and how they designed its infrastructure to get better availability, performance and capacity.

In the afternoon I’ll attend to “Extend Your Existing Data Center to the Cloud with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud”. It is not a conference from the Enterprise IT tracks but getting a private space in AWS is something that companies are really interested in.

Next conference will definitely be the one from Netflix “Highly Available Architecture at Netflix”. If I can I will manage to shake hands with Adrian Cockcroft director of Architecture at Netflix.

This will be the end of day one but among all the participants and speakers in the conference I’ll try to meet some AWS architects and also have a chat with some US MSP working with AWS to get a better understanding on how they position and sell.

November 29th

I’ll start for sure with “AWS Infrastructure Automation” because deploying scalable applications is certainly one of the features AWS does best but I’m also really interested in “How Much Can You Save with the Cloud?” because this is always something customers ask for, especially in Spain these days…

Next, I will not miss “Architecting for High Availability & Multi-Availability Zones on AWS” because this is the only way to make a geographically fully redundant deployment on AWS.

For the following sessions I hesitate between “Learning From the Masters” and “Building Scalable Applications on Amazon Simple Storage Service”. It is not the same positioning at all but I’m interested in both. Let’s do a quick clone of myself for that purpose! 🙂

I’ll end with “Big Data and the US Presidential Campaign” and “Integrating On-Premise Resources”. I’m not that interested in Big Data but this is a hot topic and seeing it in action during the US presidential will certainly be very interesting. The integration with On-premise systems is always one of the main issues for our customers when moving to cloud, so it will be interesting to learn from the other’s experiences.

Next day back to Barcelona to prepare for 2 days of intensive Jetlag recovery!

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