New cloud infrastructures allow benefits that were difficult to achieve before. However, this landscape changes fast and it is difficult to keep up our knowledge. Wallapop was searching for a Cloud training plan to keep their expertise up to date in order to maintain their infrastructure.

They wanted a reliable company with a strong expertise and a different approach, focused on an excellent teaching quality. CAPSiDE was the first Authorized Training Partner of AWS in the world and has the necessary experience to accomplish their needs.

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Cloud training - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

About Wallapop

Wallapop is a Barcelona-based company that operates a multi-platform hyper-local second-hand market application, available for both Android and iOS. Born in 2013 as Fleapster, the company and its app evolved to become the largest digital flea market in Spain. Their app has a presence in France, UK, Mexico, Brazil, United States and Latin America.

The challenge

With more than 30 million users and 3.523.489 reutilised products, in just 3 years Wallapop has dramatically increased their pace. They leveraged the power of cloud computing to support their requisites. Wallapop understood they needed a Cloud training plan to:

Cloud Training Plan for Wallapop - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The Cloud training plan for Wallapop

Wallapop’s team decided to come to a training at CAPSiDE. They were very satisfied with the approach and expertise that CAPSiDE teachers provided. As a result of the experience, Wallapop asked for CAPSiDE’s training catalogue. To fulfil their needs, CAPSiDE proposed them a Cloud training plan to pass through the Architecting on AWS and Advanced Architecting on AWS courses.

CAPSiDE’s teachers are incredible. They broke down every element and made things clear. They gave us further details and insights, but definitely, the most important part of their delivery was that they had real-world experience. This is what helped us the most, and what can benefit us lately.

Josep Ferrer, VP of engineering at Wallapop.

Thanks to CAPSiDE’s Cloud training, now Wallapop can get the most of their infrastructure. The provided experience, the unique approach and the human quality of CAPSiDE’s teachers made the difference. With the acquired real-world knowledge, now Wallapop knows how to boost their platform.

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