Cloud Security is key at Kantox: sensitive data, the exchange rates vary, fluctuation of the markets/economies…

Kantox’s web app is a core business for the company, established in the Fintech sector, and it handles a great volume of sensitive data. Even though Kantox was already running its app in a cloud environment, they needed someone trustworthy to monitor and improve their cloud infrastructure.

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About Kantox

Kantox is a foreign exchange service provider that offers SMEs and midcap companies a comprehensive solution to their foreign exchange needs. Its main object is disintermediating banks and brokers from the foreign exchange process, with a peer-to-peer trading process.

Kantox’s platform is an FX management system, including live mid-market rates updated in real time, FX rate alerts, a multi-user and multi-subsidiary account information dashboard and trading access around the clock Monday to Friday.

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The challenge

Headquartered in London, but with its technical offices in Barcelona, Kantox needed help assuming all workload related to the platform, both infrastructure and software, due to its small sized IT team. The main focus for Kantox was to provide their clients with a strong app that had great performance and efficiency.

Its comprehensive obsession with cloud security, due to critical data involved in their services, made them look for an enterprise in which they could trust, and CAPSiDE was the answer.

Our company works everyday with sensitive data and critical information. The legal standards and government obligations are also one of the principal aspects that can affect our business. We needed someone trustworthy, able to develop a great cloud structure focusing on security, and the people at CAPSiDE knew exactly what to do. The service was attentive, and the outcoming results couldn’t have been better. We haven’t worked with other SysOps company since then.

Philippe Gelis, Co-Founder and CEO at Kantox


The solution to Kantox’s platform

After a security tools audit, not the application code, but the server’s configuration (firewall, rootkit detector, brute force attacks, etc…), CAPSiDE developed a well-designed cloud infrastructure, properly implemented and managed 24×7.

When working with critical information, personal data, privacy regulations, legal standards and government obligations, this infrastructure was the key to the security that Kantox needed.

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