This global fashion retailer has always been at the forefront of transformation in the fashion industry. As early as 1995, it had an online presence and 5 years later launched its first e-commerce business. In keeping with its avant-garde spirit, the company has bet on a public Cloud architecture to drive its international e-commerce business.

As an international e-commerce business with a huge influx of visitors, it needs an agile, scalable and reliable platform. Because of this, its e-business department decided to create a new platform that was able to securely face the continuous expansion of the brand. To better support business planning, the new infrastructure would also need to provide a flexible cost model that would adjust to the real demand and results of the e-commerce business.

To design, set up and manage its new Cloud architecture, they trusted CAPSiDE. The new infrastructure, designed and built in Amazon Web Services by the team of SysArchitects @ CAPSiDE, meets the demanding requirements of an international e-commerce business.

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Cloud architecture for an international e-commerce - CAPSiDE

About the client

The global fashion retailer is today one of the leading fashion groups in the world. Based in its city of origin, Barcelona, the company has an extensive store network of 2,200 stores (over 800,000 m2) in 109 countries.

From its Design Centre, every year it designs 18,000 garments and accessories for wearing the season’s trends. The company, which owns four different fashion lines, closed 2015 with sales of 2,327 billion euros, representing a 15% increase on 2014.*

arquitectura Cloud para un e-commerce internacional - CAPSiDE

The challenge: a Cloud architecture for an international e-commerce business

An international e-commerce business such as this needs an infrastructure and IT service operation that can support the requirements of a globally expanding business. Among other things, it is crucial that the infrastructure is highly available in several countries, considering the specific features for each territory. It is also essential to have an elastic infrastructure, capable of facing business cycles, for example, driven by season, Black Friday sales and other promotional campaigns. To achieve the greatest level of innovation, it should favour deployment agility, providing more autonomy to the development team and optimising time-to-market.

Based on these stringent requirements, the global fashion retailer understood that a Cloud architecture had the potential to fulfil the company’s ambitions. After an analysis of Cloud provider services, they identified Amazon Web Services as their best fit, due to the maturity of products and services, the pay-per-use model and options for automation.

arquitectura Cloud para un e-commerce internacional - CAPSiDE

The Solution: AWS Cloud

Being one of the company’s primary revenue streams and marketing channels, their international e-commerce business is classified as mission critical. To minimise risks, CAPSiDE carried out a pilot testing phase to verify that the new infrastructure could deliver against the jointly defined success criteria. The pilot testing phase not only validated the core application compatibility but also revealed the performance improvement that the AWS Cloud provides.

To maximise business continuity, the Cloud migration process was carried out in clearly defined phases with risks assessed and mitigation planned wherever possible. Rollback processes and contingency plans were designed and tested to cope with unexpected challenges.

Thanks to this Cloud migration, infrastructure costs adjusted to the company’s reality, adapting to seasonal sales cycles and marketing promotions.

As a long-term Cloud MSP partner, CAPSiDE manages and operates their infrastructure and middleware stack on a 24/7 basis. In addition, CAPSiDE’s team of SysArchitects works with their development team, to design and build constant improvements in the Cloud architecture. The value of this is proved by more than 1,135 platform service changes fulfilled in the last year. Now the global fashion retailer has a continually improved platform and IT service operation, able to easily adapt to new technical and business requirements.

Since the migration to AWS with CAPSiDE’s managed services, they have multiplied its results in key campaigns like Black Friday, Shopping Night or Sales.

Moreover, service availability has been always above 99,95% thanks to CAPSiDE’s high-reliability AWS design and enabled by infrastructure automation combining AWS, CAPSiDE and third-party software tools.

Now they are completely self-sufficient to manage their application code through a highly reliable Software Delivery Lifecycle and Cloud automation enabled by CAPSiDE on AWS. Thanks to this, the company significantly increases the pace of retail innovation by deploying new code into production more regularly and more reliably.

*These are the most updated sales numbers provided by the client.

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