The best reward you can have for doing a good job is always a happy customer. We can proudly say we have some! 🙂

At CAPSiDE we want to offer our customers not only great solutions for their critical business systems but also a proper and friendly service that give the clients proactive proposals to improve the performance of their digital architecture. This has been one of our goals for some time now, and it seems it’s really working.

There wasn’t really a problem, but the customer support was unbeatable!

To measure our services and the value we provide to our customers, we implemented a feedback system in 2014. The system is based on a quick survey, with 4 one-click questions and 1 optional free-response section. When completing a service request ticket, the customer receives the survey, which not only measures the quality of our services but also helps us to improve them.

Feedback 2015 - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The feedback received for this past 2015 has been fulfilling, considering that client satisfaction has improvedwith better results that in 2014– even though there’s been a rise in requests.

More than 96% of our customers reported a proper solution to their request, and 93% of our customers were satisfied with the solution.

The problem was solved. The solution included some suggestions. Everything’s ok. 😉

Also, 96% of our customers were satisfied with the timing and solution and glad about our proper and friendly service.

Feedback 2015 - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

These outstanding results are only possible thanks to the constant communication between our team and our customers. There’s a direct line of communication between CAPSiDE’s team and the clients, that allows a regular flow of feedback and grants the proper service.

Very kind, pleasant and fast service. Thank you very much!

We want to continue with the work, and we keep working on new methods that’ll help us optimise response times in order to keep our customers satisfied. Also, we continue growing (and hiring) in order to keep up with the demand.

Thanks to all of you for this great 2015!


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