The continuous advance of technologies is enabling more companies to start betting on public Cloud. Scalability, availability and performance improvements are undoubtedly some of the keys to start a Cloud transformation. However, it is difficult to stay informed of all the services and to know all the partners at stake.

Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (or CCMA) was considering an AWS Cloud migration to improve the scalability of their online platform. To do so, nobody better than CAPSiDE, a partner who, apart from having the necessary experience, is an official AWS trainer.

Finding a Cloud transformation partner who analyses your necessities, trains your team and designs, deploys and operates a Critical Platform is a challenge. With CAPSiDE, it’s also simple and easy.

Paco Sánchez, SECA Manager

Transformación Cloud de la CCMA -CAPSiDE

About CCMA

CCMA was born in 1983 with the main objective of providing a high-quality public audio-visual service and contributing to the linguistic and cultural normalization of Catalonia. Nowadays, it is the main mass media channel of the territory, as well as the reference television channel for the great majority of its citizens.

CCMA is a pioneer in the development of interactive applications, which allow viewers to access a wide range of complementary services.

From the very first moment, CCMA has also opted for its online presence. At this moment, it manages a set of portals and websites that have become absolute references for users looking for any information in Catalan on the Internet. Through the portal, available for mobile applications and Internet connected TVs, CCMA offers a service that allows live and on-demand access to all the contents of Televisió de Catalunya and Catalunya Ràdio. This service closes the geographical gap and consolidates a new way of accessing TV services, from anywhere in the world and without time limitation.

The challenge: Cloud transformation

CCMA’s technical team had been considering taking a step towards public Cloud for a long time, looking for the flexibility and adaptability an internal platform can hardly provide. CCMA’s systems and development team understood that the solution implied using an infrastructure within the most widespread Cloud provider in the market: AWS.

However, the lack of knowledge and doubts about Cloud migration made it difficult to take this first step. It was necessary to demonstrate the viability of the transition with an expert partner in Cloud transformation.

Transformación Cloud de la CCMA -CAPSiDE

The solution

When you want to change such a critical platform as our web portals, you need guarantees. You need to prove that everything will be functioning. Hence the need of an operative proof of concept to remove any doubts. CAPSiDE has not only been able to design a great infrastructure, but it has also taught our team the keys to use it.

Paco Sánchez, SECA manager

To start off their Cloud transformation, CCMA chose CAPSiDE as their travel companion for this pilot project. Not only because of its experience and knowledge in critical environments, but also because it’s an advanced AWS partner. In fact, CAPSiDE is currently an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and an AWS Authorized Training Partner. Besides having the AWS Migration Competency, it’s also an AWS MSP Partner, Channel Partner and Public Sector Partner.

CAPSiDE started the project with an AWS Cloud induction training. That way, the technical team of CCMA would have the necessary bases to step into their Cloud transformation. Afterwards, a pilot was planned and carried out as proof of concept.

The team of engineers at CAPSiDE designed an infrastructure adapted to CCMA’s web application. With this infrastructure, both CAPSiDE and CCMA could value the adaptability of the application and the operation of the new infrastructure. In addition, the deployment was performed to carry out stress testing and improve the final infrastructure.

Now, CCMA can face the Cloud transformation of all its platforms, knowing they can rely on a complete partner. The media group will thus consolidate an “on-demand” video system that responds to the needs of many of its users.

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