This expansion presents new opportunities for all UK companies looking to accelerate Cloud adoption.

CAPSiDE, the vendor-neutral cloud systems engineering company based in Barcelona, just turned 15 years old. With proven experience in helping companies design, automate and operate their Critical Digital Platforms, CAPSiDE is helping even more new customers by expanding its presence in the UK.

The mission of the new CAPSiDE UK team is to help the largest IT market in Europe address its digital transformation challenges by providing access to Systems Engineers with deep architectural and operational expertise, mature processes and innovative monitoring and automation tools.

The UK is a mature market in terms of Cloud adoption, with top companies constantly investing in Cloud technologies and training for engineers but suffering a skills shortage in modern DevOps and SysOps roles.  CAPSiDE fills this gap as a strategic partner that can analyse requirements, advise on best-fit Cloud(s) and smoothly lead the design, implementation and ongoing evolution once platforms are in 24×7 operation.


CAPSiDE’s vendor-neutral expertise is underpinned by partnerships with the leading Cloud providers, represented by its status as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner and Google Cloud Platform partner.

As Josep Ruano Bou, CAPSiDE’s CEO, explains:

We’ve been working with more than 300 clients for over 15 years, designing, automating and operating their critical IT projects. Expanding in the UK was the logical next step; it was about time we started working in one of the leading markets for Digital Transformation.

CAPSiDE opened its new Leman Street, central London offices on October 3rd and is already looking for more professionals to join the brand new UK team. “We continue to hire the best talent as fast as we can, but we are not sacrificing quality for velocity. On average, only 5% of the candidates who apply for tech positions get hired. But in the end, the chosen ones join a really high-performing, driven and committed team. And that’s what we aim for.”, says Josep Ruano.

Tom Nokes, Country Director for UK, declares: “I’ve been watching CAPSiDE work for more than two years. There is an awesome foundation of expertise, service focus, breakthrough products and customer-oriented culture in the team, and we wanted to bring all of it to the UK.”

Alex Moore, who joins the company as the UK Delivery Director and Tech Evangelist, states: “This is exciting; in a technical leadership role it’s rare to be supported by such a common sense of purpose and vision of the future but with the proven ability to execute stable operations.”

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