For the second year in a row, CAPSiDE has been recognised as AWS MSP. Last year, the company joined the selected elite of worldwide partners that hold this status. To do so, CAPSiDE has completed a rigorous audit of its services on AWS that analyses every procedure used to deliver the service.

The AWS MSP program gives its members the necessary tools to help their clients to grow, especially on security, DevOps, proactive operation and coordinated management.  This renewal also highlights CAPSiDE’s professionality and quality of Cloud tools, Cloud infrastructure and Cloud deployment.

It is an honor to be part of the AWS MSP partners’ elite. This acknowledgement shows our experience in AWS services and identifies CAPSiDE as one of the best allies for your AWS Cloud adoption.

Josep Ruano, CEO @CAPSiDE


AWS MSP, recognising the experience.

This is not the first AWS recognition hold by CAPSiDE. The company, with headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid and London, has been helping its clients to adopt AWS for years. CAPSiDE, besides being an APN Consulting Partner, was the first Authorised Training Partner to deliver official AWS training. That is why the team at CAPSiDE has both the experience and an updated knowledge to design scalable and reliable infrastructure on AWS.

Thanks to this deep technical knowledge, CAPSiDE contributes to the AWS Open Source community with widely used tools. As an example, José Luis Martínez, CTO @ CAPSiDE, developed and maintains the Perl SDK for AWS, used by the team at

This past year, CAPSiDE has launched two new Cloud automation tools that will help companies in their daily use of AWS. First, there is ENZiME, a red/black deployment tool to make easier, faster and more reliable deployments on AWS. Also, CAPSiDE has launched REPLiCA,  which simplifies processes such as the launch of new infrastructure through the use of blueprints.

The AWS MSP acknowledgement for the second year in a row is good news, and it will empower innovation at CAPSiDE. With this recognition, CAPSiDE will keep on providing a high-level and professional service to its clients, driving performance, automation and security on AWS.

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