Google Cloud Premier Partner status is the highest level of partnership offered by Google Cloud, achieved only by partners with long experience and deep knowledge on their products.

CAPSiDE is now one of the leading European Google Cloud Premier Partners focused on Cloud Infrastructure, with presence in Spain and the UK.

This achievement shows CAPSiDE’s expertise and their focus on helping their clients in their Google Cloud journey.

CAPSiDE Google Cloud Premier Partner - CAPSiDE

About the Google Cloud Premier Partner Status

CAPSiDE, a leading European Cloud Managed Services Provider specialised in the design, automation and 24/7 operation of Critical Digital Platforms, has been recognised as Google Cloud Premier Partner. With this achievement, CAPSiDE joins the elite group of Google Cloud Premier Partners focused on Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud adoption is increasing and so Google Cloud Platform projects are growing. Having a specialized team of GCP-certified engineers with hands-on experience on live projects is a mandatory requirement for those customers who are transitioning to the Cloud.

CAPSiDE has a team of highly-specialized engineers that help companies in their Cloud journey whether they are in their first Cloud steps or in an advanced path of the journey. To do so, CAPSiDE relies on a team of GCP-certified Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) that work to improve platform performance while ensuring high availability.

As thought-leader in the Public Cloud landscape, CAPSiDE is also an advocate of the DevOps philosophy. CAPSiDE promotes it among their customers as a change driver for those companies adopting Cloud. This mindset change has proven to be the first step of a Cloud transformation path that is followed by the deployment of GCP infrastructure.

Google recognizes those partners with extensive experience and deep knowledge with the Google Cloud Premier Partner Status. To achieve this status, partners must not only have a great team of trained and certified consultants, but expertise in deploying successful customer solutions on Google Cloud. Premier Partners should also have a healthy, revenue-generating business on Google Cloud.

It is an honour to finally achieve this high status on our Google Cloud Partnership. We have been working with Google Cloud since 2014 and this achievement shows our evolution and long-term commitment with Google Cloud. It also recognises the daily effort of our Google Cloud Platform certified engineers.  We are proud to be among the elite group of Google Cloud Premier Partners.

Josep Ruano, CEO @ CAPSiDE

Since 2014, CAPSiDE has been a Google Cloud partner. CAPSiDE’s team of SRE have designed and automated GCP projects for a broad variety of customers using a great range of technologies. They also keep the platform continuously updated while improving performance and providing 24/7 operation.  Among the different projects, CAPSiDE’s SRE team have successfully deployed a 500-pods Kubernetes cluster on GCP, several Big Data services and SAP platforms.

Also, CAPSiDE has developed a set of Cloud automation tools to be used on GCP That is the case of ENZiME, a blue/green code deployment engine that enables you to improve your DevOps workflow, automate code deployments and speed up your time-to-market even with containers.


Headquartered in Barcelona, with offices in Madrid, London and Lisbon, CAPSiDE has been making the world more reliable through the design, automation and 24×7 operation of Critical Digital Platforms for more than 17 years.

CAPSiDE empowers their clients’ businesses by designing and operating Cloud architectures that are highly efficient, auto scaling and reliable, leading companies into Digital Transformation.  We also design reliable Cloud-management tools for SysOps and DevOps processes in Cloud environments.

CAPSiDE works with clients as Mango, Banc Sabadell, Wolters Kluwer, Alstom, Vueling, McCann Erickson, Grupo Planeta, bksb, TMB, Grupo BBDO, Boyacá, Dorna Sports, Futbol Club Barcelona, Roche, Grup SEHRS or IKEA among others; and on critical workloads such as eCommerce, Big Data, IoT and SaaS platforms.

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