This partnership will deliver a complimentary service model and will mutually reinforce their Open Source on Azure technology offering while expanding the geographical scope of both companies.


OpenSistemas, the company specialised in Big Data and Data Science, and CAPSiDE, the leading provider of design, automation and 24/7 management of critical IT systems, have signed today a cooperation agreement for joint business development within Microsoft Azure’s ecosystem. This agreement complements each company‘s service model, brings specialisation to the technology offering on cloud platforms and expands the geographical reach of the partnership.

OpenSistemas, that develops Open Source applications focused on data capturing, processing and visualisation, is looking to be complemented by the strong specialisation of CAPSiDE in the areas of architecture design, automation and 24/7 management of critical systems.

“This enables us to provide a global services portfolio in which our clients are supported through the whole journey;  from the stages of capture, analysis and visualization of  data all the way through to the continuous operation of systems with the best SLAs in the market, through the software design, the systems architecture and cloud migration.

Josep Ruano, CEO at CAPSiDE.

So, as OpenSistemas focuses its specialisation to workloads related with Data & Machine Learning Solutions, CAPSiDE has been known for its expertise in the design of advanced Cloud architectures for critical environments, the system automation and the 24/7 operation of these environments.

In these crucial new areas for businesses, OpenSistemas is an expert in Hadoop/Spark Cloud distributions, like HortonWorks or Cloudera, with broad experience in the deployment of Linux technologies, especially RedHat.

Likewise, CAPSiDE is an expert in technologies like Docker, Mesos & Jenkins, and also contributes with its own technology on OpenSource and SaaS for critical processes automation in DevOps workflows, an area where it is one of the best experts in the market.

This combination allows us to add knowledge about Azure capabilities, from core systems and infrastructure to the closes to product and data, where Machine Learning has become the solution of choice and one of the Azure diferential value with regard to other Cloud platforms in the market. 

Luís Flores, CEO de Open Sistemas.

From a standpoint of both technology and business, “this agreement allows both companies to provide a greater joint offer, adding capabilities without losing the long specialisation that characterises and differentiates us, and that has allowed us to maximise the value provided to our clients”, states Josep Ruano.

From a geographical point of view, the larger presence of OpenSistemas in Madrid complements CAPSiDE’s capacity in Barcelona and Madrid to tackle new projects in the Spanish capital. The new presence of CAPSiDE outside Spain, who just opened new offices in London (UK), allows OpenSistemas to count with a referral partner to come up with new international opportunities.

CAPSiDE & OpenSistemas identify themselves as the two strongest companies in Spain working on Open Source technologies for Azure, both have reference customers in both public and private environments, both posses a broad experience in the market and have received Microsoft’s recognition with national and international awards. For all of this, both companies understand this is an strategical agreement that will help the Azure positioning in large accounts, providing better and larger use of all the capabilities that this Cloud offers.

Luís Flores, CEO at Open Sistemas.

Also, both CAPSiDE and OpenSistemas will integrate this agreement within the initiatives driven by Microsoft to create synergies and collaboration between their partners. In fact, both companies agree that this Azure alliance will improve its positioning as an open Cloud platform that resolves and answers clients’ requirements. “This agreement is an example of the Microsoft relational commercialisation and business-friendly model. Both partners have identified our capabilities and strengths that, united, strengthen our positioning at Microsoft and in the market”, concludes de CEO at OpenSistemas.

About OpenSistemas & CAPSiDE on Azure

Both OpenSistemas and CAPSiDE have been recognised worldwide by Microsoft Azure. OpenSistemas was recognised Open Source on Azure Partner of the year at the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2016 (WPC) in Toronto.

CAPSiDE has been recognised for its Azure knowledge repeatedly. CAPSiDE was recognised worldwide as the Open Source partner at the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2015 (WPC) in Orlando. Moreover, CAPSiDE was selected by CIO Review as the most promising Azure Partner, being the only EMEA partner in a ranking of 20. Besides, CAPSiDE has been recognised by Microsoft as Partner of the Year 2016 in Azure Infrastructure & Datacentre transformation, and Partner of the Year 2015 in Digital Transformation.

About OpenSistemas

OpenSistemas is a company specialised in projects with high innovation global product development related to data management, transformation, analysis, storage and visualization in Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Science and Data Engineering environments, helping clients to empower the strategic value of their information.  OpenSistemas capabilities are proven through 10 years experience offering support, solutions and services related to Cloud, Education and Content Management environments in large international accounts, and in the passion of their team in Open Source technologies, always through a client service and community commitment point of view.

OpenSistemas capabilities are proven through 10 years experience offering support, solutions and services related to Cloud, Education and Content Management environments in large international accounts, and in the passion of their team in Open Source technologies, always through a client service and community commitment point of view.


CAPSiDE has been making the world more reliable through the design, automation and 24×7 operation of Critical Digital Platforms for more tan 15 years.

CAPSiDE empowers their clients business by designing cloud architectures that are high efficient, auto scaling and reliable, leading companies into Digital Transformation.  We also design reliable cloud-management tools on asteroids for SysOps and DevOps processes in Cloud environments.

CAPSiDE works for clients as Mango, Banc Sabadell, Wolters Kluwer, Alstom, Vueling, McCann Erickson, Grupo BBDO, Dorna MotoGP, Futbol Club Barcelona, or IKEA among others; and in projects based on eCommerce, Big Data, SaaS, Enterprise Architecture & Data Governance platforms.

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