CAPSiDE Offers Expertise Training in AWS and MongoDB and More to Many Successful Companies
In addition to providing infrastructure services and design, CAPSiDE has established successful and knowledgeable training courses.

With multiple years of experience, the company has received various certifications from prominent partners leading the field in technology.

CAPSiDE is able to officially train clients in services for both Amazon Web Services and MongoDB. In addition, CAPSiDE offers trainings in complex topics such as Big Data and DevOps.

And, with the emerging complexity yet universality of cloud services, the ability to offer training and ensure comprehension is a point of pride for the company. Throughout CAPSiDE’s history, clients have been able to take advantage of the training CAPSiDE provides. For a full list of training that CAPSiDE offers, please check the full catalogue:

[PDF] Full Courses Catalogue · CAPSiDE Training

The team at CAPSiDE has travelled Europe to bring businesses the expertise they require to stay updated and successful in the digital age. The company has worked with and educated members of large enterprises such as Mango, Telegraph, Adobe, Grupo Prisa, Santillana, Accenture, Grupo Planeta…

Big or small, CAPSiDE is committed to their clients by providing the best possible services. And the feedback is always positive. As they are dedicated to providing expert tools and knowledge, the members of the CAPSiDE team are, not only officially licensed, but generally skilled. Ranging from certified courses to helpful how-to’s, the members of CAPSiDE provide valuable knowledge. From recent surveys taken, participants rated the overall training courses an average of 4.37 stars out of 5 and the trainers themselves an average of 4.84 stars.

Training clients will continue to be a major and successful component of CAPSiDE as the integration and intricacy of technology continues to grow in the modern world. It is vital that companies empower their technical teams to embrace, understand and apply the rapid advances of technology. CAPSiDE has constructed an unparalleled tool for companies to stay ahead of competitors and give their technical teams prime knowledge necessary for the constantly evolving twenty-first century.

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