Partners with AWS DevOps Competency are capable of providing business solutions, having a great experience on this field. As of today, CAPSiDE | NTT owns this status, differentiating the company as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member.

CAPSiDE | NTT, a leading European Cloud Managed Services Provider, has announced today that it has achieved the AWS competency for development operations. This recognition officially reaffirms CAPSiDE’s expertise in helping its clients. In this case, focusing on DevOps workflows on AWS of its customers’ critical applications.

About the AWS DevOps Competency

The DevOps Competency status is given to those businesses who demonstrate having specialized technical proficiency through proven customer success stories. Particularly, helping customers to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices, or helping them automate infrastructure provisioning and management with configuration management tools on AWS.

At CAPSiDE | NTT we’re very grateful to have received the AWS DevOps Competency. Our team has always been an advocate of the DevOps philosophy as a change driver for those companies who want to invest on digital transformation. This achievement doesn’t only distinguish our effort, but also emphasizes our ultimate goal: offering the best service to customers.

Josep Ruano, General Manager @ CAPSiDE | NTT

The DevOps Competency is intended to identify and promote APN Partners who help customers transform their software development and infrastructure management practices. Therefore, delivering high quality applications and services. To qualify for it, CAPSiDE | NTT went through several strict documentation audits and other service delivery excellence verification processes to demonstrate its proficiency in this particular area.

CAPSiDE | NTT, specialised in the design, automation and 24/7 operation of Critical Digital Platforms, is one of the few AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Services Partner with the AWS DevOps Competency status. It was also the first AWS Authorised Training Partner in EMEA.

The intelligent design implemented by the SysArchitects at CAPSiDE, driven by their business and technical comprehension, have been key for us. Once they started working, they gave us peace of mind. Now we don’t worry about our platform, we just can focus on our customers and expansion.

José Antonio Catalán, CIO at Self Bank

CAPSiDE has also developed a set of Cloud automation tools to be used on AWS. One of this is ENZiME®, a blue/green code deployment engine that enables customers to improve DevOps workflow, automate code deployments and accelerate time-to-market. Another one is REPLiCA®, a Cloud management tool that allows consistent launches of complex infrastructures in the Cloud.

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