CAPSiDE becomes an Amazon official Consulting Partner by joining the Amazon Partner Network (APN) which gathers the best expert companies that provide professional services on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Combining these technologies with CAPSiDE’s value-added professional services, CAPSiDE helps strong IT-based companies and projects to take advantage of the cloud model benefits for their critical IT infrastructures by maximising availability, scalability and performance.

CAPSiDE designs, builds and manages 24×7 the architectures that support clients’ businesses with its advanced knowledge in AWS and the required experience to succeed in a wide variety of IT projects.

We have noticed the growing needs of lots of companies with high technological requirements of being helped by experts on continuously improving IT architectures focusing on performance, availability and scalability at the very same time they reduce costs and improve the management of their infrastructures. We, at CAPSiDE, fulfil all of these needs.

Josep Ruano, CEO at CAPSiDE.


CAPSiDE provides the experience that our clients need to make the whole technological change into cloud infrastructures, including migrations from dedicated platforms to AWS and co-sourcing and guidance from scratch in brand new projects.

Every time we have found that AWS is the best technology to be used in a project it’s been a pleasure to work with the Amazon Web Services as IaaS. From our engineers’ team we enjoy flexible and fast provisioning when creating instances and great autonomy every time we operate on the infrastructure.

Jose Luis Martínez, CTO at CAPSiDE.

Building proper architectures in cloud based infrastructures is not an easy task and highlights the importance of the decision-making processes in the first steps of a project and its constant monitoring when it is up and running to ensure the success that all business-critical IT projects look for.

Check CAPSiDE’s profile at the Amazon Partner Network.

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