At CAPSiDE, we believe that in a constantly evolving world, technology does not standstill. And neither can we. That is why we recently joined the NTT family, starting a new exciting era for CAPSiDE, our clients, and partners.

Now, CAPSiDE is transforming to become NTT. Not only joining the NTT family, but more than 28 remarkable companies to become one, leading technology services provider. Together, we help our people, clients, and communities do great things with technology to enable a more secure and connected future.

As you may have noticed, we have changed our logo, which now includes NTT. We will be transitioning to become fully NTT branded in the coming weeks. The new NTT global will bring together the capabilities, services, and talents of CAPSiDE, NTT Communications, Dimension Data, and NTT Security, among others. Together, we become a leading global technology services provider.

CAPSiDE is Transforming to Become NTT - CAPSiDE

The new fully NTT branded CAPSiDE

Together, we do great things. By joining this new global operating company, we will be part of a family with more than 40.000 members in 57 countries.

We will continue making the world more reliable through the design, automation and 24/7 operation of Critical Digital Platforms, as we have done since 2001.  But, as a global NTT, we will also provide more capabilities than ever before.

As an NTT factory, we will

You will also benefit from

Also, we will keep our commitment as a leading Cloud MSP, maintaining our AWS Premier Partner and AWS Authorized Training Partner status, along with other AWS specializations. We will continue to work with Microsoft as a Gold Partner with the Azure Expert MSP status and with Google as a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Our commitment to the leading Public Cloud providers will help you in your Cloud Transformation projects.

In the next weeks, you will start noticing our new interim logo and brand identity in our marketing materials, website and social media. But don’t worry, you will be able to reach us as usual (same address, same telephone, same point of contact).

In this new global NTT era, we are leading change. Together we enable the connected future.

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