The city of Granada will be hosting the next edition of the YAPC::Europe 2015, and some of our engineers will be there sharing their knowledge and experiences about Perl, DevOps and SysOps with the Perl community.

The conference is taking place from September 2nd to September 4th under the name of Art+Engineering. This will be a great opportunity to know more about Perl, its recent news and discover more about its future.

We proudly sponsor the YAPC:: Europe 2015, and we are really glad for CAPSiDE’s active participation in the conference.

YAPC::Europe 2015 – Art + Engineering

In this YAPC:Europe edition, the organizers’s focus was to have a little more variety in the talks, so you’ll find talks about other languages, methodologies and technologies.

The conference will have 5 high-level speakers, like Larry Wall (Perl creator), that will be doing the keynotes. Besides the traditional Lightning Talks, you’ll find almost 100 talks in this edition. These talks will be about data processing, different languages, systems and tools.

This year at the YAPC::Europe 2015 there will also be some courses and hackathons covering the Perl essentials and web application and database development with Perl. Besides, some members of CAPSiDE’s team will be delivering some talks at the YAPC::Europe 2015.

CAPSiDE’s talks

On one hand, Jose Luis Martinez (our CTO) will give a talk named “Writing Paws: a Perl AWS SDK“. This talk, which will take place on September 2nd at 15:30h, will be about the usage and contribution to Paws, an SDK forAmazon Web Services users.

José Luis Martinez will also be a part of the panel “Growing the Perl community – taking the challenge“. The panel will take place on September 3rd at 19:00h, and will focus on why the Perl community is dwindling and what can be done to reverse that trend.

On September 4th at 9:30am, the turn will be for our colleague Alba Ferrer, with “Physical to Cloud: Cultural and mindset changes“. In this talk Alba will show you some of the techniques to maximize cloud performance, with more efficient, mantainable and scalable applications, both in infrastructure and coding.

You can book your ticket to the YAPC at YAPC Europe Granada 2015.

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