The Client: ByHours has burst into the hotel market, being the first to widely impose the pay-per-use model to traditional services. keeps its growing dynamic and we at CAPSiDE help them to be able to focus in their business, develop and improve their online application and promote their platform worldwide. relies on CAPSiDE to be responsible for its business-critical IT infrastructure and be its cloud architecture partner of choice during this important phase.

We need to face our business growth and internationalization stage with the guarantee and the security that our web application perfectly responds to the high peaks of visits and users, without technical or costs problems.
CAPSiDE is keeping its promises and meeting our expectations positively.

Hugo Palomar
Co-Founder & BDM @

The Challenge used to have the online platform hosted in their own physical servers, and with the constant growth in visitors and business transactions they experienced availability issues and more problems responding the traffic demand of the booking system.

Their current plan and actions focused on growth, expansion and diversification translates into high peaks of visitors (more users, mass media appearances, marketing actions, etc.), and this brought them to trust CAPSiDE as the specialist to respond to this new requirements.

Some keypoints:

What CAPSiDE did

CAPSiDE elaborated a provider selection study whose infrastructure was going to be the one hosting the application being able to respond to the real business requirements of the application that developed. The neutrality and independence of infrastructure provider (vendor neutral) enabled CAPSiDE to totally align with interests.

The CAPSiDE Engineering Team designed and deployed the systems architecture on Amazon Web Services.
After the migration of their systems to a cloud infrastructure, we at CAPSiDE have been responsible for the architecting, engineering and 24/7 operation of the new architecture.

Moreover, the engineers at CAPSiDE provide a constant work of continuous improvement of the systems that support to reach the best efficiency on both technological and economic terms. Thanks to it, is successfully facing the current high growth pace and its internationalization plans.

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