Digital transformation is crucial for every company. Santillana knows this well and has proven over many years that it continues to focus on innovation and the use of new technology in education.

Thanks to this focus on technology, Santillana has recognised the benefits of Public Cloud for some time. Their latest goal has been to achieve robust AWS governance and CAPSiDE has helped them in this process.

IT governance is defined as the processes that ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals. When talking about AWS governance, it means ensuring that your organisation operates in the cloud in an effective, efficient and compliant fashion.

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About Santillana

Santillana has supported and strengthened teaching and school knowledge for more than 50 years. To do so, the group has a portfolio of editorial brands that create quality educational materials, accurately explain concepts, and are delivered in a language that improves comprehension.

The publishing group has strongly invested in updating the educational material, through new communication techniques and new technologies.

Gobernanza en AWS, Grupo Santillana - CAPSiDE

AWS Governance: 3 key points

The tech team at Santillana had identified 3 key aspects of their operational model that could be enhanced to increase the maturity of their AWS governance. To bring this to fruition, Santillana relies on CAPSiDE, experts in the design, automation and operation of critical digital platforms.

1. Saving and cost control

One of the first concerns that come to mind when adopting Cloud computing is the uncertainty of final costs. The pay-per-use system makes it easy to pay only for the infrastructure you need.  Not everyone has the time or experience to take into account cost optimisation when designing their platforms.

CAPSiDE analysed all the infrastructure used by Santillana. The architectural output was extremely valuable and enabled CAPSiDE to apply improvements that have helped Santillana to reduce the cost of their platforms. 

2. Security analysis

Moving from on-premises to a Cloud infrastructure not only changes the platform design but also the security model.

To understand the security state of Santillana’s infrastructure, CAPSiDE is carrying out a detailed audit of all platforms, combining tools and expert knowledge. In response to this analysis, risk is mitigated via technical and operational controls that are continually developed.  This protects the business from loss of data, reputation, and potentially revenue.  With recent high-profile security incidents such as WannaCry, such considerations have never been of such importance.

Gobernanza en AWS, Grupo Santillana - CAPSiDE

3. Processes and improvements

Another key building block for achieving robust AWS governance is ensuring the continual analysis and improvement of processes to manage infrastructure costs and security. To put these foundations in place,  Santillana undertook a processes and improvements audit facilitated by CAPSiDE.   The audit helped develop a variety of actions that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Santillana’s Cloud infrastructure and operations.

In the first phase of the project, CAPSiDE helped to define the criticality and service levels expected for each environment.  This resulted in economic and operational requirements for each and every website of the company. In response to this, Santillana and CAPSiDE, with Deimos and Everis, mapped-out new KPIs to bring granularity to the service levels from the application and infrastructure point of view.

From a cost perspective, once the architecture of the platform was optimised, CAPSiDE analysed the options for Reserved Instances, considering the pros and cons of 1 to 3 year  reservations on AWS. Alternative options on Microsoft Azure were also considered.

From a compliance perspective, CAPSiDE carried-out an assessment of Santillana’s GDPR-readiness in the context of the new law and its impact on storing critical data on AWS.

All the decisions taken by Santillana to implement robust AWS governance ensure that the company operates in the Cloud in an efficient, effective and compliant way. CAPSiDE retains ownership as Cloud infrastructure adviser, providing ongoing analysis and recommendations that allow continual improvement of the new AWS governance model.

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