AWS Cloud Training allow you to develop your Cloud competences and skills. And their official certifications help you innovate your professional career in a technical way. Would you like to get certified, but you don’t know which certification suits you best? Or maybe you just want to expand your Cloud knowledge in certain aspects? Let us give you some guidance on Amazon Web Services training and certification!

AWS offers a broad spectrum of Cloud digital technical training. Its content is created by experts on Amazon Web Services and is updated regularly so your agenda is always up to date on Cloud features. Whether you’re someone who is just starting or a Cloud specialist, AWS trainings can help you be more effective and make the most of the features the platform offers.

In this post we will see what Cloud training options are available within Amazon Web Services. And as Authorized Training Partners, CAPSiDE can help you in your AWS training!

AWS Cloud Learning Paths

Learning paths are designed to help students move forward and develop their Cloud skills in specific technical areas. These are differentiated according to function, solution area and specialty. Along with the AWS certification exams, learning paths will make the Cloud training process easier for you and to understand their functionalities.

Role-based paths

Solution paths

Specialty paths


AWS Classroom Training

To follow the learning paths, there’s nothing better than a classroom course. AWS Cloud training can be carried out by an authorized partner like CAPSiDE. Our authorized trainers will teach you the best Cloud practices through an entertaining syllabus, debates and hands-on labs.

AWS offers the following face-to-face trainings:

Cloud Essentials    
Title Duration Course level
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials 1 day Basic
AWS Business Essentials 1 day Basic
AWS Technical Essentials 1 day Basic


Title Duration Course level
Architecting on AWS 3 days Intermediate
Advanced Architecting on AWS 3 days Advanced
Architecting on AWS Accelerator 4,5 days Advanced


Data Analytics    
Title Duration Course level
Big Data on AWS 3 days Intermediate


Title Duration Course level
Running Container-Enabled Microservices on AWS 1 day Advanced


Title Duration Course level
Data Warehousing on AWS 3 days Intermediate


Title Duration Course level
Developing on AWS 3 days Intermediate
Advanced Developing on AWS 3 days Advanced


Title Duration Course level
DevOps Engineering on AWS 3 days Intermediate


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence    
Title Duration Course level
Deep Learning on AWS 1 day Intermediate


Migration and Transfer    
Title Duration Course level
Migrating to AWS 2 days Basic
Secrets to Successful Cloud Transformations 1 day Basic


Security, Identity and Compliance    
Title Duration Course level
Security Engineering on AWS 3 days Intermediate


Title Duration Course level
Building a Serverless Data Lake on AWS 1 day Intermediate


Title Duration Course level
Systems Operations on AWS 3 days Intermediate

A classroom course will allow you to solve any doubts and getting help from an instructor as you go. Also, you will have the chance to meet other attendees and share experiences of all kinds with them.

In CAPSiDE we have AWS Authorized Instructors, and we offer this type of courses in a public, private and on demand way. In addition, we can adjust to your needs in terms of training and logistics in several ways. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your AWS training plan! You can also check our AWS Cloud Training page, as well as download our full course catalog.

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