Once you have experience on Amazon Web Services products and services, it’s time to think on your AWS Cloud certifications. These can be obtained by taking an official exam on a service or services of Amazon Web Services, reaching a level of expertise on this platform.

What is the purpose of having AWS certifications? Not only they are a strong and valuable asset at a professional level, but they will also provide you with the tools to strengthen your team and achieve your goals. At CAPSiDE we have several teammates with different AWS certifications, which they renew over the years as they expire.

Let’s see in further detail where to start and what types of AWS certifications you can choose from:

Types of AWS Cloud certifications

Foundational AWS Certification: Recommended to those to have at least six months of fundamental AWS Cloud and industry knowledge.

Associate AWS Certification: Recommended to those who have a year or over a year of experience solving problems and implementing solutions using the AWS Cloud.

Professional AWS Certification: Recommended to those who have two years or over of experience designing, operating and troubleshooting solutions using the AWS Cloud.

Specialty AWS Certification: To obtain it, high technical AWS Cloud experience is required as specified in the exam guide.

How to get ready for a certification exam?

When it comes to taking an exam, there’s no better preparation than practical experience. There are many AWS Training courses and other useful resources out there to prepare for the certification. Review the exam guides you will find on the AWS website for further information on the competencies evaluated in the certification exam.

The Exam Readiness courses available are:

With a wide range of exams applied to different capacities, AWS Cloud certifications are a proven and recognized way to validate your technical knowledge. Moreover, they will also allow you to move beyond your Amazon Web Services experience. If you’ve already taken an AWS training, don’t hesitate to add an official certification to your CV!

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