To ensure the stability of your infrastructure and the best performance, the ideal option is a Cloud migration. Of course, there are often concerns to be overcome. Which Cloud will be most appropriate? How to realise the best performance on a Cloud platform? Hermes Comunicacions decided to take advantage of the public Cloud’s power and trusted CAPSiDE for an Azure Cloud migration.

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About Hermes Comunicacions

Hermes Comunicacions is a company that edits, manages and operates media. Its primary newspaper, El Punt Avui, has more than 110,000 daily readers in its paper edition and more than 1,200,000 unique visitors in its digital edition.

Over the last few months, El Punt Avui’s website has enjoyed very significant organic growth. In response, Hermes Comunicacions decided to reliably harness this growth by focusing on the use of agile, flexible and scalable technologies.

Hermes Comunicacions - CAPSiDE

The challenge: Cloud transformation

Hermes Comunicacions analysed the requirements of the platform and it was clear that availability would be crucial to service the growing demand. During this process, they defined specific needs for stability, flexibility and scalability. It became clear that the public Cloud offered answers to all their needs.

To make this new model a reality, Hermes Comunicacions needed to analyse which public Cloud was most appropriate for their requirements.  They also needed access to a deep knowledge of the priorities to consider when building a Cloud infrastructure. To ensure scalability and availability, the best choice was to work with a partner with long experience in the design, automation and operation of critical platforms. This is why Hermes Comunicacions trust CAPSiDE, Microsoft’s Gold Cloud Platform Partner.

Hermes Comunicacions - CAPSiDE

The solution: an Azure Cloud migration

Working with Hermes Comunicacions, CAPSiDE undertook a comprehensive analysis of the business needs and strategy of the company. After this initial consultancy, CAPSiDE proposed an Azure Cloud migration. The plan included the design of a new infrastructure, its deployment and then 24/7 operation services.

El Punt Avui’s new infrastructure has been deployed in production, providing a service that combines the deepest skills with the most effective technology whilst meeting the most robust service level agreements. The new production environment uses Block Blob Object Storage for backups, keeping logs and static web files. The front ends are located in diverse A3 instances. In addition, there are DS3 instances with a Galera cluster, to ensure the availability of the website.

Media should be the face of the tech vanguard to share information with the audience in a fast, stable and efficient way. The Azure Cloud migration and the constant help of CAPSiDE’s team allows us to deploy changes in an agile way and power the continuous evolution of our web app.
Josep Madrenas – CIO @ Hermes Comunicacions – El Punt Avui

The Hermes Comunicacions team was hugely motivated and clear on their strategy to leverage the best mix of modern technology and skills to reliably power their continuous growth – and they were sure that public Cloud was the answer.  Thanks to the continuous collaboration among both teams, the Azure Cloud migration was fast and efficient. The new infrastructure, in Microsoft Azure’s Cloud, is more stable and reliable.

The results

An Azure Cloud migration seamlessly provides the best environment for the continuous improvement of El Punt Avui’s production web presence. Now Hermes Comunicacions can focus on updating the technology of the newspaper to best engage with their readers. In addition, the new infrastructure allows Hermes Comunicacions to keep control of expenses, thanks to the platform’s optimised yet high performance.

The elasticity of the new infrastructure allows the growth of 1 million unique visits per month and can manage peak loads without any performance issues.  Thanks to the Azure Cloud migration, Hermes Comunicacions can focus on driving the continuous growth of El Punt Avui’s web presence.  Meanwhile, CAPSiDE manages their infrastructure and middleware 24/7, ensuring reliability.

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