CAPSiDE announced last Thursday it has won the 2019 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Spain. The prize will be delivered at Microsoft Inspire conference next month in Las Vegas.

2019 will be a year to remember at CAPSiDE. Not just because of this award, which is very important for us. There are a lot of other reasons for that. Let me go back in time to 2018 -all good results come after preparation and effort-, to understand how we got where we are today. We’ve got luck, for sure, but success does not come by chance or sheer luck.

A year to remember - CAPSiDE

By the end of 2018, we were recognized as Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner, a distinction that roughly 40 companies in the world achieved. That was an important milestone, as this is the highest level of partnership recognition AWS provides. It came after a long history of achievements with AWS: we were the first official AWS Training Partner in the world back in 2013; in 2014, we were the first company to deploy a full SAP production platform on Public Cloud in EMEA (if not across a wider region), doing that on AWS for one of our customers; later on, we were the first consulting partner to achieve the AWS MSP (Managed Service Provider) status in Iberia and sometime after we would be the first to achieve the AWS Migration competency, certifying our experience and capabilities in design, migration and continuous operation of business-critical platforms on the Cloud.

A year to remember - CAPSiDE

During 2018, while we were looking for the right partner to start our geographic expansion and global growth, we achieved the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP distinction, which is held by around 30 companies in the world. This a tough certification, but our industrialized, automated and well-defined approach to operations (certified by ISO 20.000 and ISO 27.001) helped a lot, and we achieved it.

A year to remember - CAPSiDE

Fast forward to the beginning of 2019, Google recognized CAPSiDE as a Google Cloud Premier Partner. This status is the highest level of partnership offered by Google Cloud, achieved only by partners with long experience and deep knowledge of their products. Amongst other cases, we are now managing their largest enterprise customer in EMEA with several projects in the works, one of them being the largest SAP S/4 HANA deployment in Public Cloud in EMEA.

So, present time (well, the last time I’ve checked was a couple of months ago) there are just a handful of companies in the world, around 6 or 7, that holds a certification level like ours for all 3 main hyper-scale Cloud vendors regarding consulting and systems and operations. If we add ISO certifications to the mix, we are in a group smaller than you can count with one hand.

On May 31st, 2019 we announced that we have closed an agreement with NTT Communications for them to acquire 100% of CAPSiDE. This is the partner we were looking for. We spent all of 2018 talking with lots of investment funds, private equity firms, and strategic/industrial partners who were all interested in CAPSiDE. Just that, realizing how much interest CAPSiDE awakens from people and companies with an amazing track record in the industry, is an important source of pride that encourages us to keep working harder for our employees and customers.

In perspective, 2019 will be a year to remember. And we will remember the hard work done during the last (almost) 18 years, and specially in 2018: MSFT Partner of the Year, AWS Premier Partner, MSFT Expert MSP, Google Cloud Premier Partner… and last but not least, joining the awesome NTT family to foster our global growth, increase our capacity, and expand our capabilities to better serve our customers.

Definitely, a year to remember. To remember that CAPSiDE Rocks.

Keep Rocking!

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