It seems like yesterday when I wrote the 2016 recap, but another year has passed, a lot of amazing things have happened in CAPSiDE and 2018 already looks even more promising!

Right now, public Cloud technology is undoubtedly being considered as the foundation for the majority of future IT service development. It is not just a trend for new digital businesses; a lot of large corporations have already taken the decision to embrace the Cloud, not just for new services but also for their legacy systems.

Surprisingly, although some early adopters are at a mature stage, many of these big enterprises are not ready for the Cloud. Taking full benefit of the new paradigm requires a complete cultural shift including DevOps adoption and fundamental changes in IT governance, with deep implications that are not so easy to tackle for such large organisations.

2017 - a year in review - CAPSiDE

A changing reality

To address this reality, we accelerated the process of building on the foundations of our industry-leading training business with a new, specialised Cloud consultancy practice. In 2017, six months in advance of our initial plan, we had already started our Cloud Transformation & Enablement practice and launched our Journey to the Cloud service. We will walk together with our customers, enabling them to really understand and succeed in this new Cloud-first world.

We have also designed an innovative Continuous Cloud Advisory service that helps customers in their ongoing Cloud journey, over the long term. Because it is based on agility principles such as sprints, we deliver value fast and often for key aspects such as Cloud transformation, cost control, technical architecture, security and governance. Several strategic clients have already benefited from these new services during 2017 and much more will come soon; both are now generally available.

Our Cloud Managed Services (“SysOps” in CAPSiDE-speak!) have been a mature, industrialised offering for many years but these were also amplified through the introduction of new exciting technologies such as containers and serverless under a truly innovative service model approach. This provides the appropriate balance between agility and control that customers demand. To bring this to fruition, besides our strategic relationships with the major cloud vendors, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform; CAPSiDE widened and strengthened our technology coverage thanks to new partnerships with Docker, Red Hat and Fastly, among others.

2017 - a year in review - CAPSiDE

What we achieved in 2017

As expected, 2017 was also an exciting year for CAPSiDE UK. The first year operating in such competitive but expanding market has been a great success. We sponsored the most relevant Cloud events in London. We performed countless marketing actions, such as workshops that translated into significant brand awareness. We established local relationships with the main Cloud vendors and some strategic partners. We developed local service capabilities such as official AWS training. And, perhaps most importantly, we signed a significant number of important new customer wins! In accordance with all these achievements, we are on track in our business plan… so yes, CAPSiDE UK nailed it!

This year we also performed a huge step forward in CAPSiDE’s technology. We significantly increased our development capabilities, which led us to serious results:

2017 - a year in review - CAPSiDE

Besides all those significant achievements, in 2017 we achieved two-digit revenue growth for the 5th year in a row. It was even more impressive since, according to IDC, the expenditure of Spanish companies in ICT decreased by 0.6% this year. Anyhow, it was not an easy path to walk.

Talent scarcity was one of the main hurdles for CAPSiDE’s development in 2017. It was extremely difficult to find enough people with high levels of existing practical Cloud skills coupled with a CAPSiDE-compatible attitude! Therefore, we put more focus on getting people with the right attitude, curiosity, courage and cultural fit; and then trained them to develop new Cloud skills. Our investment in education was 5.8% of our revenue, touching an average of 9,000 EUR per tech employee per year, far beyond the tech giants in Silicon Valley, but it was worth it every Euro.

Aside from financial investment, to achieve this, we needed the hard work of all our teammates, fuelled by more than 26,000 free coffees and teas, more than 10,000 litres of water, half a ton of fruit, and several hundred beers and soft drinks.

2017 - a year in review - CAPSiDE

After a great year, we are glad to announce that in 2018 we are doubling our office spaces both in London and Madrid. By the way, we have a permanently open hiring process, so if you would like to work in cutting-edge Cloud projects and you are eager to learn, please drop a message to Hermes Conrad ([email protected]).

The IT world is evolving faster than ever thanks to Cloud, containers, DevOps and bleeding-edge technology that appears each day and, as I said last year, change is not an option, in any industry.

In CAPSiDE we are heavily investing to lead this transformation and help our customers through this outstanding and challenging innovation pace. Changes are exponential, so it is difficult to anticipate where we will end up, but we have designed a fully-adaptable company for such turbulent environments. Our team is prepared to enjoy the trip, so I will tell you the next set of results in another twelve months. Stay tuned!

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