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At CAPSiDE, we care about giving the best service possible to every one of our clients. Since 2014, we provide customers with a feedback system to check their level of satisfaction with our service.

We are proud to say that our SysOps 24/7 support team has an excellent perception from our clients. A professional and friendly service, as well as proactive solutions to requests, are the main feedbacks received.

The survey consists of 4 one click-questions and 1 optional free-response section. Every customer receives the survey via email after service is completed. Feedback results drive our continuous improvement to manage and solve requests effectively.

Take a look at some sweet stats from our 2016 feedback results survey.

Compared to last year, the number of problems solved increased in 2,2%. Thus, delivering solutions to 98% of tickets received.


2016 Feedback Results - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital societyCAPSiDE welcomes new talents willing to deliver quality services as the business expands. We have been able to manage the increasing demands in an efficient way thanks to the expansion of our SySOps team (+70%). Also, we have improved onboarding presentations to provide new hirings with the information they need regarding procedures, practices, and customer management.

Moreover, the level of satisfaction with the solutions given increased in 1,3% reaching satisfaction levels of 98%.


2016 Feedback Results - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital societyIn addition, our customers keep having great comments on the treatment received.

They proactively alerted us about an incident we didn’t notice. Thank you very much.

We have standardised weekly training in order to constantly prepare our team on the different issues they could deal whilst, at the same time, solve any doubts they may have.

On the other hand, our team understands how relevant it is for our customers to provide a quick response. Therefore, another key performance indicator evaluated by clients is timing. We are happy to say that we have improved this index by +2,4%, with 96% of the tickets received evaluated from good to excellent.

2016 Feedback Results - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

Even though we have come far, we do not conform. There are still opportunities for improvements that will elevate our customer service higher. Being one of these an upgrade on the feedback system to provide clients with a more appealing and faster survey.

We closed 2016 with exciting numbers that encourage us to keep the good work and invest in more efforts.

This is a team effort. And as such, we want to say THANKS to everyone in the company ensuring these great results!

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