At CAPSiDE we are aware that our clients are the key to keep the growing gears of the last years in good shape.

That’s why, and to continue improving our services, we set up a few months ago a new direct feedback system, for our support and SysOps 24/7 services. With this new system, our clients can value the received service when a request ticket is completed with an easy survey. We want to make it easy for our customers to speak about our services so we can improve.

The system is based in a quick survey, with 4 one-click questions and 1 optional free response section. This new feedback system is an addition to the constant communication that is kept with the customer while resolving every request.

In order to have some transparency, we want to close 2014 and start 2015 sharing with you some of the data of this hundreds of evalutations, as they show how our customers feel about CAPSiDE’s services. And this is what determines our success or failure.

We are really satisfied with the level of the feedback we’ve received. To understand the relevance of the results, we have to clarify that it isn’t a one-time satisfaction survey that we sent to all of our customers, when usually the answer ratio would be around 40-50% up to 75%. The data we’re showing is based on a 5-questions satisfaction survey that is sent automatically for every closed ticket, which means there’s a survey for everyone of the tickets and for every request made by our clients.

The following data is based on the answers of more than 11% of the tickets dealt with. We know it isn’t fun to answer surveys, and that it requires  a little time of our customers. That’s why we want to thank you for taking this time.

Some data…

We’re very glad about the received answers because, in 95% of the cases, the quality of our services and the solutions proposed is viewed fabourably by our clients. 

Also, some of the feedback we received draws a smile on our face with comments like:

The service was fantastic (as always)

Some customers thank us for our help, even when the problem was out of our scope:

The problem was in our systems, but the incident’s warning and follow up was satisfying.

The help of the engineer has been useful to resolve the problem

On the other hand, the last 5% of the answers, helps us detect the motivation for a negative review and we’re already working on improving these aspects of our service. In this cases, we call the client to know a little bit more & to understand why he thinks the problem hasn’t been solved properly.

In some cases, it means just to clarify one communication or misunderstanding to close the ticket. Other times the cause was that CAPSiDE didn’t have the autority or the option to act on the servers that had the problem, and this was a request that we couldn’t have done. Anyway, we tried to help finding the cause of the problem. After talking with the customer, the case was closed successfully.

Going into details…

In order to have a little context, and to correctly understand the data, every “request ticket” is a new task that our client asks for, to work in production platforms (change requests). We consider an “incident” any unexpected situation in the service that requires an action from our engineers to solve it, and this action can be very simple or really complex, depending on the case.

In 2014 we have dealed with around 306’25 request tickets every month, with multiple interactions or some requests in the same ticket. In addition to these tickets, we’ve dealed with around 217’3 incidents every month.

Usually, tickets are solved in only 2’7 interactions, either requests, incidents or proactive tasks.


This last year we’ve had an average of 104’4 min response time for every new ticket, excluding incidents or warnings from monitoring the systems, and high risk requests (according to the client), as these kind of cases are dealed with inmediately.

This timing is higher than what we’d like to, and it’s caused, mainly, by CAPSiDE’s strong growth in the last quarter. We’re aware that we’ve had some situations with a big workload, and that’s why we’re taking action, improving service performance and increasing our team.

We really focus on our customers’ feedback, as it is certainly important and helps us improving.

Clients have spoke, we’ve listened and we’re already taking action to be better: our team keeps growing!

We keep hiring Systems Engineers and we’re also looking for a Marketing Intern.

Thanks to all of our clients to this amazing 2014!

We are going to keep working hard to achieve, with you all, a better 2015.

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